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    Critique Instruction

    Tara Giannini (10th Grade Art) models the specific, descriptive language she wants her students to use during a critique session.

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    Warm and Cool Feedback

    Angie Guerrero (11th Grade Humanities) prepares her students for critique by eliciting definitions and examples of warm and cool feedback.

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    Tuning Protocol Instructions

    Part 1: Jenny Morris (11th Grade Biology) explains the tuning protocol students will use to give and receive feedback on their project proposals.

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    Tuning Protocol in Action

    Part 2: Students of Jenny Morris (11th Grade Biology) and John Bosselman (11th Grade Humanities) use a tuning protocol to give each other feedback on their project proposals.

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    Gallery Critique

    Ted Cuevas's 9th Grade Physics/Math students use a gallery critique to give each other feedback on their light box creations. At the end, students debrief the process.

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    Gallery Critique for Essays

    Mark Aguirre's 9th Grade Humanities students do a Gallery Critique to give several rounds of feedback on another class period's art history essays.

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    Class-Created Rubric

    Angie Guerrero (11th Grade Humanities) facilitates small group and whole class discussions that lead to the creation of a rubric for the students' storyboards.

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    Getting Attention: The Giant Eyeball

    Ted Cuevas (9th Grade Physics/Math) uses a giant eyeball to get his students' undivided attention.

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