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    Students of Skye Walden and Peter Jana (10th Grade Humanities) participate in a structured simulation of a U.S. Senate hearing on American foreign policy regarding nuclear weapons.

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    Problem-Solving Groups

    Kristin Komatsubara (6th Grade Math/Science) sets clear expectations for group members working together to solve a challenging math problem.

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    Literature Circles

    During their literature circle discussions, Peter Jana's 10th Grade Humanities students take on different roles, including discussion director, summarizer, illuminator, and historian.

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    Book Group

    Asal Mirzahossein (10th Grade Humanities) prepares her students to run their own book group discussions by reviewing the techniques they can use to keep the discussions moving.

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    World Cafe: Poetry

    Azul Terronez's 7th Grade Humanities students participate in a World Cafe that engages them in discussion about different poems.

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    World Cafe: Instructions

    Part 1: Kay Flewelling (9th Grade Humanities) introduces the World Cafe, a structured conversation format that allows students to discuss different quotations on a related topic.

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    World Cafe: In Action

    Part 2: Kay Flewelling's 9th Grade Humanities students participate in a World Cafe. Participants rotate from one table to another, discussing a different quotation at each one, as the facilitator t...

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    World Cafe: Debrief

    Part 3: Kay Flewelling (9th Grade Humanities) debriefs the World Cafe activity with her students, asking for feedback on what they liked and how they could improve the process for next time.

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