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    Socratic Seminar: Goals

    Tom Fehrenbacher (11th Grade Humanities) explains his expectations for Socratic Seminar and asks his inner circle participants to share their individual goals for seminar with their outer circle pa...

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    Socratic Seminar: Instructions

    Kay Flewelling (9th Grade Humanities) sets up the inner circle's discussion and explains the role of the outer circle in a Socratic Seminar.

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    Socratic Seminar: Reflection

    At the end of every Socratic Seminar, Kay Flewelling (9th Grade Humanities) asks her students to reflect on "something you, something new, and something else."

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    Critique of Sketches

    Britt Shirk (9th Grade Humanities) teaches her students to use the critique process as a way of refining their sketches.

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    Ron Berger Critique

    Tom Fehrenbacher (11th Grade Humanities) uses positive, helpful, and specific critique as a way of helping students develop standards of quality for their final products.

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    Gallery Critique Instructions

    Part 1: Marisol Franco (9th/10th Grade Spanish) explains the instructions for a Gallery Critique.

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    Gallery Critique Sentence Starters

    Part 2: Marisol Franco (9th/10th Grade Spanish) models sentence starters for a Gallery Critique.

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    Gallery Critique in Action

    Part 3 of a Gallery Critique: Marisol Franco's 9th/10th Grade Spanish students conduct a Gallery Critique. At the end of the video, students debrief the gallery critique process.

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