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    Exhibition Video

    2019 HTENC Exhibition

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    Jill Dalinkus (10th Grade Humanities) uses a Think-Pair-Share to help her students access prior knowledge and generate ideas about a challenging new topic.

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    Participation Cards

    Kay Flewelling (9th grade Humanities) uses participation cards to encourage students to share their written work.

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    Sharing Circle of Power

    Charlotte Kaufman (9th grade Humanities) leads a sharing circle of power in which students read their writing aloud and get immediate oral feedback from peers.

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    Jigsaw Groups

    Jesse Wade Robinson (11th Grade Biology) explains the jigsaw activity her students will use to learn different aspects of respiration or photosynthesis in preparation for teaching these concepts to...

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    Jigsaw Lessons

    Students of Valerie Root (11th Grade Environmental Science) take on expert roles and create lessons that they share in jigsaw groups.

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    Student-Moderated Debate

    For their weekly debate on a controversial issue, Peter Jana (10th Grade Humanities) appoints a student moderator who asks probing questions, grounds the discussion in specific texts, broadens the ...

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    Policy Debate

    Kay Flewelling (9th grade Humanities) sets up a clear structure for conducting class debates.

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